Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Fee is a fee which you have to pay for using OpeneCampus application for a specific period. It can be annual or monthly. We prefer monthly subscription model.

No, you need to pay only the Implementation Fee after signing the contract and the Subscription Fee every month after Go-Live.

Yes, you need to buy Support Service, but it’s optional and it depends on your requirement. We will train your users on every aspect of the application; provide End User Guide and Training Videos for all business processes. We will also provide one month free Post-Go-Live Support.

No, the subscription fee is only for the active students.

The administrators from all the departments like Accounts, Admissions, Enrolments, Timetable, Attendance, Examinations, Placements, Library, Transport, Hostel and the Faculties, HODs, DEAN, Principal and Management are the main users of the application.

Students are not the regular users of the application. They are casual users and will not be given direct access to the application. They can connect to the system through Students Portal and get the necessary information.

Faculties will have access to both OpeneCampus Application as well as Faculty Portal. They will login to OpeneCampus with their role as Faculty. They will also have access to Faculty Portal for specific activities.

Yes, different user will be created based on their roles and will be given access to their specific modules/screens. Users can be restricted at Menu-level, Screen-level, Table-level or Field-level.

Yes, OpeneCampus supports multi language. Currently it supports English and Arabic. It will support other languages also but needs to be configured.

Yes, OpeneCampus supports multi currency. You may define your primary currency and use other currencies depending on your requirement.

Yes, OpeneCampus is available on Cloud. It can be implemented On-Premise as well but we recommend the cloud version because of multiple reasons.

No, the cloud charges are not included in the pricing. It will be per actuals based on the requirement.

Customizations to AS-IS application or New Module Development will be charged separately based on an agreeable bill rate.

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